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Awernham ( talk contribs ) 19:43, 26 February 2008 (UTC) The Orb edit The article now mentions that Bloonoks flatulence sound effect was sampled by the Orb for one of their tracks - anyone know wich track it was? Ant501UK ( talk ) 00:20, (UTC) Impact on comedy and culture edit This section seems to be full of little bits and pieces about who was influenced by or liked the Goon Show, with the implication that this developed their later contributions to comedy. Cell phone repair schaumburg, related, designed by Zombie Techs Inc. It was peppered with personal opinions and the advertising blurb is not needed.- Drat ( Talk ) 02:23, (UTC) I agree that the article badly needs improvement. Michael Bentine has stated this on at least one occasion. The only constant relationships of any kind were the partnerships of characters: Henry Crun (Peter Sellers) with Minnie Bannister (Spike Milligan and Moriarty (Milligan) with Grytpype-Thynne (Sellers).

But it is clearly on a show by show basis that this happens, and is generally not continuous. Bolognaking 20:20, (UTC) On page 216 of Roger Lewis' comprehensive biography of Sellers The Life and Death of Peter Sellers 1995 he describes the incident thus: Milligan) was up to his neck with scripts for. The 10-minute aria consisted of high-pitched Goon Show voices singing 'Gratis Amatis' over and over for what seemed like an hour. Low This article has been rated as Low-importance on the project's importance scale. They had little control over any movie, except Magical Mystery Tour and Let. It's like dealing with a school librarian who tears up a student's drawing because drawing is not allowed according to the Rules. AGoon 10:09, 8 December 2006 (UTC) Is this really Goon related? AGoon 09:38, (UTC) I have added a few references to things that can be traced back to Wilmut's book. As for the", well if it can be sourced from somewhere else then maybe, but a Geocities website isn't what could be called a verified or reliable source.

The Goon Show was at one time immensely popular. But you can blame that on the lousy writers before you who added content without citing any of their sources. Seagoon and Eccles are brothers in 'The Evils of Bushy Spon' (25/8th series) and Minnie is Bluebottles Auntie in 'The Giant Bombardon' (4/Vintage). That's just an expression people use." ml Alpha Ralpha Boulevard ( talk ) 00:45, (UTC) Unteroffizier Krupp edit I have been trying to find evidence that the name "Unteroffizier Krupp" was used as a character name by Milligan. AGoon 19:44, (UTC) At the time of The Goon Show, television was in its infancy, and radio was still the dominant electronic medium. It may still be popular there, and may for all I know be repeated on a mainstream channel and popular among younger listeners. So, there's work to be done. Edit I have just created a stub article for the Goon Show Preservation Society.

It all made perfect sense at the time. Pronounced I believe as Hugh Jampton. Please take a moment to review my edit. If indeed Cartman's voice really was (somewhat) based on Bluebottle, it only really needs to be mentioned on the Cartman page - AlbertW 20:24, (UTC) Michael Bentine also wrote for them, didn't he? CIP SIP system of vacuum freeze dryer is used for feeding and discharging materials through lifting and dropping the shelves. Hydraulic System/ CIP/ SIP, this system is used for feeding and discharging materials through lifting and dropping the shelves. Captmondo 16:18, (UTC) A 'Goon Wiki without ludicrous referencing rules sounds a great idea.

For interested editors, there is a very useful introduction to some of the more useful referencing tools at WP:refstart. Mid-importance on the project's importance scale. Lexo ( talk ) 22:28, (UTC) The"d script takes up a lot of space, and it doesn't directly support the statements in the Surrealism section (Lewis Carroll was very influential, and perfectly capable of producing exactly such nonsense 80 years before). Not every example of some aspect of the show, like time-wasting segments or fourth-wall-breaking, needs to be listed. But I'll need a little time to get up to speed on how references are done here - AGoon (UTC) I think there needs to be references where assertions are made, like when talking about it's popularity and influence, or where. The censors didn't notice other off-colour references either: Bloodnock: "I'll give them the Last Turkey in the Shop" (a reference to what these days is known as the Puppetry of the Penis). Their website shows the last playing as ( which was the end of the most recent such rotation. There are of course other sources which others will be aware. Wotnow ( talk ) 23:18, 3 September 2009 (UTC)Wotnow.

I can not find it in any published script, or in the goon show bible "The Goon Show Companion". There was no show called "The Very Last Goon Show of All". Proteus71 23:21, 2 September 2006 (UTC) There's still lots of bits marked citation needed which need references - so if you want to remove the unreferenced tag then we need to either delete the paragraphs which. Whole parts meet FDA/ cGMP standard. A lot of the"s can be (eventually) ported to Wik", and then just linked to that from here. For example, The Goons and Milligan directly influenced the Pythons, who themselves directly influenced the late Douglas Adams, who himself influenced a different generation. But is there no article/ reference/ analysis out there that describes the effect that Goon humour had on comedy? This can be been done simply by inserting a cite sources reference in the body of the article where something that seems like hearsay or unsubstantiated rumour comes. AGoon 10:59, (UTC) Have suggested a few more places for citations, and added links to transcripts of every show mentioned.


(1965) has The Running Jumping and Standing Still Film (1960) included as an example of humour that appealed to the Beatles. This is subjective and original research. Goon Show userbox edit Add this to your userpage: User:UBX/user GoonShow Needle Nardle Noo This user listens to The Goon Show on the modern-type, steam-driven cardboard wireless. If the web sites used in the external links section have been used as references (as is implied above on this page they should be listed as references using cite web. For example I've created the sub-section of 'Music and Sound Effects' under 'format' but I don't think that there is enough there about Ray Ellington. In a way it still does.

They have also been added to the list of books in the Spike Milligan article. Circulating system through freezing medium to control shelf temperature, circulating pump drive freezing medium circulating. More people are indeed familiar with Monty Python, and can cite bits from the films and the more famous sketches, whereas this cannot be said of the Goons to anywhere near the same degree (I don't know about Peter Cook's. Thank you to AGoon and for starting on the work that is required. Citation needed One of the most side-splitting sound effects was the famous sequence created by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop to represent the sound of Major Bloodnok's digestive system in action, which included a variety of inexplicable gurgling and explosive noises.

Sorry I was talking about replacing it with the Radio Show template not Radio Station template! Verifiability is not optional. B, this article has been rated. Some of the later episodes feature electronic effects fact devised by the fledgling BBC Radiophonic Workshop fact, many of which were reused by other shows for decades afterward fact. Wotnow ( talk ) 17:03, 3 September 2009 (UTC)Wotnow I've changed the page around a bit. Edit With running jokes sorted, I feel like we should sort out the confusing Goon Show Archiving and List of Goon Show episodes. I'm now intending to replace template:Infobox Radio with the almost identical template:Infobox Radio Station template:Infobox Radio Show and replace the template:Infobox Radio with a disambi-whats-it page to choose between template:Infobox Radio Show and template:Infobox Radio Station - AGoon 20:23, (UTC) Duh! Book citations are perfectly fine.

Popularity is self-evident at the height of any phenomenon but now is historical fact (see.g. Corrections, and reversal to npov, required for this article edit This article is clearly the work of fans. JB82 01:45, (UTC) I see you've implimented your hasty retreat, it will be interesting to see whether the deletees notice ;-) - AGoon 03:17, 3 November 2006 (UTC) If there's one thing I remember from Goon Show episodes. We need to strike a balance between giving a flavour of the show and providing a serious article about. Alternatively, you can add nobots denyInternetArchiveBot to keep me off the page altogether. That seems pretty laudatory. So either the rights have reverted to the BBC or else EMI and the Beeb have come to an arrangement. The graphics card manufacturing giant nVidia is currently producing chips that help the autonomous cars see with digital eyes and translate that info into a virtual reality that the cars on-board computer can read. The Goons certainly did have an influence on the Beatles, but I can't (and shouldn't have) say it was a major one.

Dolmance ( talk ) 02:05, (UTC) Dolmance has a point. THE goon show is not still "highly popular" in Britain, any more than Vera Lynn or Max Bygraves still have hits in the charts over here, I suspect that this article was written by an Australian. WP has got a number of admins who think this way, and they usually delete what they want despite any and all cogent objections. Bloodnok ( talk ) 21:21, (UTC) It is IMO worth noting that Richard Lester in fact worked with The Goons in the '50s, as the director of the first Goons-related TV show, The Idiot Weekly, Price 2d, made in 1956. What are they like?" john: "Wrong." Q: (laughs) "This is going wrong. AGoon ( talk ) 21:43, 13 September 2008 (UTC) Entry added by Special:Contributions/ 1 - AGoon ( talk ) 22:12, 13 September 2008 (UTC) No mention of "Krupp" in alt. Wotnow ( talk ) 22:06, (UTC)Wotnow Barclays Bank Flexidisc edit I have a "Goons" promotional flexidisc dating from the mid to late seventies.

The name does come from the characters in the Popeye cartoons but the show got its name because British POWs referred to their German guards as 'Goons' in reference to the characters in the cartoon. Transclusions - Drat ( Talk ) 03:30, 14 February 2006 (UTC) Great work! Every shelf through special design, produce and processing, so could achieve uniform cooling and heating. It would, however, be totally relevant to Milligan 's own article. Yes yes yes what I've just said is the dreaded "original research" but I offer it on the Talk page only as a fact born of personal experience and if anybody can convert it into "verifiable information". Editors have permission to delete these "External links modified" talk page sections if they want to de-clutter talk pages, but see the RfC before doing mass systematic removals. Its hard to say when this vision of autonomous driving can truly become a reality but were approaching that reality at great speeds. So over time, the threads get lost, and we rely on soundly researched biographies and histories, hence the importance of citing them as we become aware of them.

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However, this is because many listeners didn't understand the sexual jokes in the show." The first sentence is backed by a non-authoritative source (a rambling essay by m and the second isn't given a citation at all. Proteus71 20:11, (UTC) For "broadcasts" the period is 50 years however for "literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works" it is 70 years from the end of the calendar year in which the last remaining author of the work dies. AlbertW 15:06, (UTC) I was going to say no don't, but then looked at how little was on the Archiving page, so I say yes do it! . Jones then apologised to Spike in heaven from the stage. Large scale production industrial vacuum freeze dryer customization, ISO CE certification top quality guarantee, welcome contact toption specialist to communicate: Learn more other types vacuum freeze dryer now! Dbromage 02:50, (UTC) Books by Milligan edit Are the following books by Milligan relevant to this article? It's merely OK right now, but there is such a lot of documentation on the show that it should be a lot better. If you have discovered URLs which were erroneously considered dead by the bot, you can report them with this tool. I want to get a nice 'Personality' bit." john: "I haven't got a nice personality." Q: (laughs) "Is this evidence of Goon-type sexo anal no consentido prostitutas guapas humor?" john: "No, I don't think I really have Goon-type humor.

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Penis extension gratis äldre kvinnor In addition, the isolation valve can be used to test the degree of product drying by measuring the pressure rising during a preset closing time. Most of those sections should be re-written - not deleted. But that would make the Goons a big influence on Richard Lester, not on the Beatles, as such.) The Goons were great, the Beatles were great. He was then heard to cry "Shit!" and storm off, because, as Secombe recounts, "if truth seks videos thaimassage liljeholmen be known, that was really what he wanted the sock to contain.".
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